Novak objavio video kako sedi u ledenoj vodi: “Može da bude prilično opasno” (VIDEO)


Novak Đoković se po receptu Vima Hofa kupao u ledenoj vodi planinskog potoka gde je proveo minut i 45 sekundi, a sve uz vežbe disanja koje preporučuje upravo Hof, pišu

“Oni koji smeju, izazivam vas da provedete bar jedan minut u ledenoj vodi. Mora da bude zima i da bude ledeno napolju, morate biti samo u kupaćim gaćama, polovina tela mora da bude pod vodom, morate da provedete u vodi bar minut. Istražite obavezno i spremite se jer može da bude prilično opasno ako ne pratite Vimove savete”, napisao je Novak u opisu objave na Instagramu.

Samo za najhrabrije…


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@iceman_hof how did we do? ❄️🥶🤟🏼 Constantine and I survived this mountain stream for 1 minute 45 seconds.. mindset is everything. The practice of ice baths looks crazy I know 😂 but it’s really beneficial for training the mind and body. Through various techniques (like breathing) we can calm ourselves enough to take on extreme conditions like this and more efficiently battle daily stress in our lives. I use Wim’s methods and find them beneficial for my life overall. “Mind over matter. Brain over body.” I suggest everyone to explore it and hopefully rise to this challenge! For those who dare, I challenge you to find an ICE COLD body of water outside and get in for at least 1 minute: – Must be winter and icy water outside – Must be only in underwear – Must have half the body submerged – Must be in for at least 1 minute Make sure to do your research and prepare as this can be pretty dangerous if you don’t follow Wim’s guidelines. Tag friends to do it with you and use #NoleChallenge when you share so I can see you guys. I’m so hyped for this, let’s goo!!!!!!! Idemooo!! 💪🏼 (I can share the full version of this on FB for #NoleFam if you guys want to see 😂) #iceman #wimhof #life #nature #breathing #meditation #reflect #mindset #justbreathe #wimhofmethod #innerfire #tbt

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